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  • What is Six Sigma?

    Six Sigma is defined as : A program aimed at the near elimination of defects from every product, process and…

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  • What is Lead Time?

    It is the numbers of days between placing an order and delivery of the merchandise. Lead time is one of…

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  • What is GPQ?

    GPQ stands for Guideline for Production and Quality Control as explained in H&M’s Quality Manual. But this term also commonly…

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  • What is AQL?

    In Quality Term, AQL stands for Acceptable Quality Level. It means in sample based product inspection system, how minimum defectives…

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  • What are the benefits of Lean Manufacturing?

    Lean manufacturing is still a Buzz word in developing countries. The major benefits from implementing Lean Manufacturing in apparel sectors…

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  • What is PPC?

    PPC stands for production planning and control. In manufacturing company, it is necessary to plan work loading, material requirement, work…

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  • What is Pre-Production Meeting (PPM)?

    A meeting that is conducted prior to production start and approval of PP Sample. PP meeting can be conducted in…

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  • What is sample approval?

    Prior to bulk production, a proto type of the style is made to show the customer, who will be placing…

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