Types of Merchandiser or Categories of Merchandiser

A] Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion merchandiser does all activities that are required to do fashion forecasting. After doing fashion forecasting, design development for that style is done and merchandiser makes that style come into reality. After some modifications merchandiser manages the product specification and merchandise planning.

Merchandiser Types
Merchandiser Types

Roles and Responsibilities of a Fashion Merchandiser

  • To do fashion forecasting

It gives an idea to the buyer about upcoming trends in the market and their popularity in a particular season.

  • To do design development

Design is developed on the basis of forecasting using various design elements like color, texture, balance, proportion, etc.

  • To do sample development

Design created by the designer is selected on the basis of potential and used for the sample.

  • Product specification

Product specification helps to the production department in planning their production and get more efficiency.

B] Production or Export Merchandiser

Production merchandiser is one who do all activities right from order receiving till shipment fulfilling the 6R’s.

Roles and Responsibilities of Production or Export Merchandiser

  1. To do communication with different level of people in the industry and buyer or buying house.
  2. Production merchandiser must plan for given order and check the requirement of order and program for production activities.
  3. Follow up is the most important role of merchandiser. At every stage follow up is needed to complete order within time.
  4. Merchandiser may have to purchase and source fabric, trims, and accessories.
  5. Costing is one of the important responsibilities of merchandiser. Costing should be win-win for both buyer and industry.
  6. Production merchandiser arranges meeting at various stages of production for different purposes.
  7. Merchandiser co-ordinates various departments. If any problem comes then merchandiser solves that problem

C] Retail Merchandiser

Retail Merchandiser is one who takes care of the customer at the final stage and provides the right product to the right customer with the right price.

Roles and Responsibilities of Apparel Retail Merchandiser

  1. Merchandiser provides good service to a customer.
  2. Gives information from producer to a customer and vice versa.
  3. Takes care of the storage of merchandise goods.
  4. Keeps ready stock to give a customer.
  5. Creates demand by making window display, advertisements, etc.
  6. Undertakes sales promotional activities.
  7. Manages the risk of stocking the goods.

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