Polynosics fibres

“A manufactured cellulose fibre with a fine and stable micro fibrillar structure which is resistant to the action of 8% sodium hydroxide solution down to zero degree Celsius., which structure results in a minimum wet strength of 2.2 grams per denier and a wet elongation of less than 3.5% at a stress of 0.5 grams per denier”.
The word polynosic has no connection with or similarity of meaning to, such words as polymer, polyamide, and polyester, polyvinyl and so on. It is said to mean multifibrillar.

There are 4 main ways in which the polynosic differ from ordinary rayon:
  1. Dimensional stability in fabric form
  2. Ability to withstand mercerizing. Their alkali solubility is much less than that of ordinary rayon
  3. Crisper, loftier handle more like cotton than rayon. Luster is also more like that of sea-island cotton, sometimes like that of spun silk
  4. Swelling in water and imbibition of water are much lower.

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