Properties of Textile Fibres for Apparel/Domestic and Technical Grade Applications

  1. Tenacity: 3–7 grams per denier (gpd)
  2. Elongation at break: 10–35%
  3. Elastic recovery: 100% at strain up to 5%
  4. Modulus of elasticity: 30–60 gpd
  5. Moisture absorbency: 2–5%
  6. Zero strength temperature: Excessive creep and softening point>215
  7. High abrasion resistance
  8. Dyeable
  9. Low flammability
  10. Insoluble (low swelling) in water, in moderately strong acids and bases and conventional organic solvents from room temperature to 100
  11. Easy care

  1. Tensile strength should be as high as possible and at least 7-8 gpd
  2. Elongation at break: 8-15 %
  3. The initial modulus in conditioned state should be 80 gpd and more; it should not drop below 50 gpd in wet condition
  4. The zero strength temperature should be high as possible i.e. 250
  5. Good resistance to acids and alkalis
  6. It should not catch fire.

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