Requirement of Fibre Formation

1. Longer linear polymer chain

Longer polymer chain gives more area of contact between the chains. More area of contact results into more resistance to slippage i.e. stronger fibre will be produced from longer polymer chain. 10 separate long molecules, greater cohesive forces must be overcome than with short molecules.

2. More or less parallel arrangement of molecules

The parallelarrangement of the polymer chain means alignment of the polymer chain to the axis of the fibre. If the polymer chain is not parallel, then the area of contact will be less and which results into weak yarn.

3. Lateral force to hold the molecules together and give cohesion to the structure

4. Some measure of freedom for molecular movement

Some measure of freedom for molecular movement is required in order to give the necessary extensibility to the fibre and some openness to give room for moisture absorption and dye uptake.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia

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