Skills Required for a Good Merchandiser

Communication Skills

Merchandiser needs to communicate with the buyer, customer, employee, and employer. So good communication is a necessary Merchandiser Skill for a merchandiser. Good communication is the backbone of a merchandiser and he/she uses different modes for communication. Here good communication does not mean only good English or knowledge of regional language only but it also means speaking clearly and effectively with decent language.

Good Knowledge of Product and Process

Good knowledge of product help merchandiser to represent his product effectively and precisely. If any problem comes then merchandiser-having knowledge about product and process can solve that problem easily.  Also, a merchandiser can convince the buyer how his/her product is better than rivals.

Good Knowledge of Sourcing Raw Material

The main cost involved in any product is the cost of raw material. In total cost, almost 50 to 70 % of the cost is involved in the raw material. Sourcing raw material at cheap prices with better quality can reduce the cost of the final product. If the wrong raw material is sourced company may face a huge loss, so having good knowledge of raw material (sourcing) Is important.

Mathematics Knowledge

Basic maths knowledge is important to conduct essential merchandising activities like costing, calculation of product cost, calculation involved in processes, etc.

Email Writing

The best way to communicate with the buyer and with other department is email writing. Most of the approvals are taken on e-mail only. email writing is done by professional people in industries, companies, etc. where sending of documents, product details, and other stuff from buyer to merchandiser and from merchandiser to the buyer on basis of which orders are placed. Good e-mail can make a different impact so merchandiser should know how to write email effectively.

Decision Making Skills

Merchandiser is one of an important department of any organization. Strong analyze and study of sales and making decisions which increase sales, making an instant decision for any problem to get solved is very important. Taking decision for good fare of organization lead to a good merchandiser.

Management Skills

Merchandiser needs to manage the employee, members they supervise in his department and depending upon skills of different employee task need to be allotted.

Decision-making and management skill is mainly required for senior merchandiser.

Negotiation and Convince Skill

Merchandiser needs to negotiate the product price with the buyer and finalize the deal. Apart from it, material sourcing should be done at a cheaper rate and to do this merchandiser need to convince the vendor to give at cheap rates.

Proactive and Follow up

Strong follow up can turn a merchandiser to best merchandiser. At all the stages merchandiser should take continuous follow-up.  For ex. While manufacturing product, follow up must be taken whether work is done on time or it is getting delay. If the delay is there buyer should be made known and convinced him for some more time. Also with future forecasting to avoid upcoming problems, merchandiser should be pro-active.

Good Relation

Merchandiser needs to maintain good relations with the buyer, employee, member in his department and other people of the organization. Having good relation helps to work well in a team and to build and maintain an effective working relationship. Good treatment to buyer maintain healthy relationship leads to long-term business relationships.

Also, merchandiser should have good knowledge about – Bill of material, Tech-Pack and time and action calendar. He must know the key objectives of every department.

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