Textile Engineering Project Topics

Textile Engineering Project Topics
Textile Engineering Project Topics

  1. Internet controller for textile plant. 
  2. A study on bleaching – discharge chemicals used in silk wet processing industry adopting redox potentiometer.
  3. A study on the feasibility of unconventional thickeners used as ticking agent for silk printing. 
  4. A study on the influence of finishing treatment practised in silk wet processing on the physical and geometrical properties of silk fabric. 
  5. Activity sampling on yarn preparation and weaving ranges of a silk industry. 
  6. An exhaustive study of eco-friendly non-dischargeable colours used in discharge printing of silk. 
  7. An exhaustive study of self-shades and combination shades for discharge printing of silk. 
  8. Critical analysis of properties of silk fabrics degummed with acetic acid and sodium silicate. 
  9. Design and development and fabrication of mechanical type evenness tester for textiles strands.
  10. Design and development of a device to produce unique cut pile fabric on the modified loom.
  11. Design and development of continuous wet transfer printing machine for printing natural fibre fabrics using eco-friendly natural dyes. 
  12. Design and fabrication of air permeability tester for silk fabrics. 
  13. Design and fabrication of fabric fatigue tester. 
  14. Design and fabrication of a leg operated pirn winding machine in silk industries. 
  15. Design development fabrication of garment dyeing machine. 
  16. Design and fabrication of textile cone making machine. 
  17. Design and fabrication of rubbing fastness tester for silk fabrics and others. 
  18. Design development and fabrication of garment dyeing machine. 
  19. Design development and fabrication of silk cocoon test reeling instrument. 
  20. Design, development and fabrication of silk fabric dyeing machine. 
  21. Development of an information package for unorganised small scale textile sectors. 
  22. Development of solar energy assisted silk cocoon stifling system. 
  23. Development of stop motions to sectional warping machine. 
  24. Electronic thread breakage and efficiency indicator on silk loom. 
  25. Evaluation of treatment plant efficiency using toxicity index-a case study of textile industries. 
  26. Fabrication of per spirometer for evaluating colour fastness to perspiration. 
  27. Fabrication of single thread strength tester for silk yarns on the principle of constant rate of traverse. 
  28. Filament fatigue tester. 
  29. Flame retardant finish on dyed cotton readymade garments intended for export. 
  30. Improvement of cohesive strength of local clay using geotextile by sandwich technology. 
  31. Improvement of wash and wear properties of silk fabrics by using special treatments. 
  32. Influence of water quality on wet processing of silk. 
  33. Jute diversified product mix for tarpaulin application. 
  34. Laboratory studies on geotextiles reinforced soil for pavements. 
  35. Latest techniques of printing using various binders on cotton ready-made garments intended for exports. 
  36. Manufacture of handmade felts by utilizing Karnataka wool. 
  37. Mat weaving loom. 
  38. Modification of solar energy assisted silk cocoon stifling system and study of the reeling performance. 
  39. Modified two for one twister for silk using ring spindle. 
  40. Optimization of pigment printing parameters for knitted goods. 
  41. Performance characteristics of non-woven geo textiles for application in rural roads. 
  42. Performance study of single jersey silk fabrics using core spun silk yarns. 
  43. Production and properties of silk fabrics using modified silk yarns. 
  44. Production and properties of silk fabrics using silicone finishes. 
  45. Standardization of methods of application of eco-friendly natural and synthetic dyes to meet the requirements for export market and study. 
  46. Standardization of protocol for the isolation of chitin from marine shells and its applications in dye removal from textile industry. 
  47. Stress relaxation tester. 
  48. Studies on hydrophilic acrylic – cotton blends. 
  49. Study of combined water, stain and oil repellence finish on silk fabrics. 
  50. Study of performance of single jersey fabric using jute o e and cotton hosiery yarns.
  51. Study of the degumming performance of silk with conventional soap and soda ash.
  52. Critical analysis of effect of hot mercerisation of cotton fabric using caustic soda and sodium silicate. 
  53. Conversion of cotton loom to silk loom with special reference to modification of 7-wheel take-up motion. 
  54. Textile wastewater treatment and colour removal using sugarcane bagasse 
  55. The fabric shear meter. 
  56. To design a suitable creel for sectional warping machine using cheeses-cones as supply packages. 
  57. Waste silk polypropylene non-woven. 
  58. Development of a safe antibacterial finish for kitchen fabric. 
  59. A study of various thickening agents used in silk printing. 
  60. A preliminary study to evolve norms for silk winding and twisting.
  61. The effects of cryogenic treatment on the properties of textile materials.

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