Time and Action Calendar

Time and action calendar is an important tool for merchandiser, which helps in managing a project. Normally merchants prepare a plan in a spreadsheet where listing down of key processes in one column and planned the date of action for each process is noted in another. This planning sheet is called time and action calendar.

In simple words, time and action calendar is an excel sheet which has activities to be done and an approximate date for task completion and the actual date of the completion of a task is noted.

It contains order receiving to order completion tasks; each task has its duration and requirement of resources. Few tasks or steps come one after another and other moves simultaneously.

Important Activities of Time and Action Calendar

Amongst various activities listed in T & A calendar, following are termed as critical activities:

  • Order confirmation date
  • Sample approval dates
  • Preproduction meeting date
  • Fabric ordering date
  • Fabric in the house date
  • Making of PCD
  • Cost Sheet approval
  • Delivery /Ex-factory date

Format of Time and Action calendar

Merchandiser update Time and Action calendar on a daily basis for tracking the operation.

In most factories, one merchandiser follows many buyers and the individual buyer may have 2 to 3 running orders. Therefore, it’s a very difficult task for a merchandiser to remember everything. To make this job simple two sheets of time and action calendar helps merchandiser to remember everything.

  1. Individual sheet- For detailed scheduling of orders with defined responsibility.
  2. Consolidated sheet- For quick follow, up of the multiple orders.

Mainly merchandiser follow above two formats of time and action.

Format 1

The first format used for planning of single style with detailed task, schedule, job responsibility and remark.


Format 1
Format 1

Format 2

This format included no. of styles, which may be from different buyers and used for tracking the number of styles simultaneously.

It contains flats, style details, approximate date and delay time etc.


Format 2
Format 2

Importance of Time and Action Calendar

  1. It saves time for merchandiser
  2. It makes merchandiser pro-active
  3. It helps to manage production timing.
  4. It gives an overview of the pending task.
  5. It gives a magnifying view of production and timing of production.
  6. With this merchandiser can handle multiple orders simultaneously.
  7. It reduces confusion of multiple running order.
  8. Helps to identify the time required for a particular action.
  9. Easy for tracking any recent product activity.
  10. It shows delay time of each department operations which helps to identify the progress level of the product. This data can be used for further improvement.
  11. Reduce the risk of delivery delay.

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