What is Color Matching Cabinet? | Why Should You Need A Color Matching Cabinet?

The color matching cabinet is conversant to many people working in textile and plastic industry. As the name suggests, it offers a standardized visual evaluation of color. It is used for the determination of the color fastness in the textile and other industries. The color fastness is determined by electronic crock meter machine which is a projected and highly coveted machine in the textile market.

The textile market has seen a significant growth in the last few decades with growing use of a color matching cabinet. The increasing consciousness about fashion and color among people has become a great factor to lead the development of the textile industry. In today’s world, there is a great demand for high-quality textile products. Thus, it is significant for the manufacturers to ensure the best manufacturing process and better quality control. A color matching cabinet makes the work easier for them.

One of the problems that the manufacturers face in the textile industry is Metamerism with the fabrics. It is the common phenomenon as the fabrics come in several looks in different lighting environments. This can be a notable problem for the buyers and color sensible people. This is why the manufacturers of the products want to do this work sincerely. It becomes tough to maintain the stability of the products. In such a situation this equipment becomes the best weapon to ensure a satisfactory customer service.

Color matching cabinets are used in many industries to provide the standardized setting for evaluation, justification and visual evaluation of colors. It is perfect for more or less all applications where you need to maintain color reliability and quality. It allows a user to evaluate color sample under different light sources like filament light, artificial daylight, tube light and ultra violet light. The assessment of fabrics under multiple light sources is the best way to spot and determine metamerism when samples seem to less than one light source. This is the only way to differentiate one from another. Color matching is the accepted and preferred choice for faster, closer and perfect color matching of the samples.

Color matching cabinets are used in several industries such as plastic, painting, plating, paper, and textile. It has no better alternative in the case of quicker, closer and correct color matching solution.

A color matching cabinet measures the color variance between two samples. 

An excellent and perfect color matching cabinet is equipped with most correct light cabinet for visual analysis and assessment of fabrics, textiles, plastics, and leathers, etc. It checks and analyses color-matching under a standard light source. The checking method is performed under a closed setting to minimize the interference of external lights.

Color matching cabinet booth

Color matching cabinet booths are used widely in textile industry for color evaluation. These come with doors. Clothing Companies and exporters use these to decide the perfect color combination.

Color matching cabinet booth
Color Matching Cabinet

How does a color matching cabinet work?

  • The equipment provides an extensive viewing area. It is well-equipped with various light sources or lamps or tube lights to spot the phenomenon of Metamerism. Here samples come to match under a single light source. To reach the ultimate destination and get approval, the fabric has to go through various light sources. These light sources include artificial daylight, cool white light, tungsten filament light, triphosphor fluorescent light, and ultraviolet black light. 
  • The sample needs to be tested. Besides, the original samples are to be sent in the viewing cavity. 
  • It is necessary to check the original specimen carefully, after switching on the D-65 Light. This is same for the specimen to be tested. 
  • When the match is perfect and suitable, the specimen needs to be tested under TFL Lamps and CWF Light 
  • The test is conducted under U.V.B Light. It is compulsory to ensure whether both samples react similarly and perfectly to ultraviolet radiation. 
  • Then the final test is done under Fluorescent lamp tube, the colors are accepted at the ‘Point of Sale.’ 
  • All these help in judging, justifying and measuring the color differences perfectly, comparing the samples in different atmosphere and conditions. When the match of both samples is carried out under all the lights, it becomes perfect for Dyeing, Printing and the coloring of the fabric or yarn as per the industry desires. 
  • The color matching cabinet determines the international standards. It can meet the color combinations needed in several industries. 
  • Most of these products come with a warrant. This guarantees satisfactory customer experience which helps you build a long-term consumer relationship.

Keeping pace with the time and demand, a wide range of color matching cabinets has come to the marketplace. These days, many reputable establishments have started manufacturing this equipment. As there is a hard completion in the market, these are coming with cleverer features and functionalities. However, at the time of buying these, you must purchase from a reliable company. If you purchase online, you need to buy a branded product from a reliable e-commerce. This will save your time, money and efforts.

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