Production File by a Merchandiser

Merchandiser is responsible for making the production file (Merchandiser Production File).  The production file is given to the factory by the merchandiser. Merchandiser is the person who communicates with buyers starting from sample development to shipment of the finished goods. The merchant receives a lot of information from the buyer and he has to pass all this information to all people involved in making a product. Therefore whatever information merchant receives from buyer related to production style, he communicates it to the production team. Merchandiser follows an SOP (standard operating procedure) for the communication in between merchandising to the production department. In this SOP, Production file is one of the part.

Production file includes all the required information needed to make the style as per buyer requirements. Following are the details included in the Production file.

Content of Merchandiser Production File

  1. Tech Pack
  2. Purchase order
  3. Bill of material (BOM)
  4. Pre-production sample comment
  5. Minutes of the Meeting of Pre-production
  6. The process followed in sample development
  7. Delivery date and important dates.
  8. Trim card -Fabric and accessories (Swatches)
  9. Shade bands
  10. GPT report
  11. Shrinkage report
  12. Fabric details (Length of each roll, width, shade)
  13. Type of fabric (Stipe, checks and Nap direction)
  14. Bowing and skewing details
  15. Print/embroidery work details
  16. Pre-production sample

Merchandiser takes prints of the entire document listed above and then he makes production file and a file he hands over to various departments. Store, CAD, sewing and finishing department.

Importance of Production File

  1. Production file helps in smooth execution of the order
  2. It avoids confusion and one can tally any details with the production file
  3. For future record

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