Role of Merchandiser with Different Departments

Different departments and people involved with whom an export merchandiser interacts:

  • Buyer
  • Sampling
  • Purchase
  • Store
  • Industrial engineer
  • Pattern making and CAD
  • Cutting
  • Sewing
  • Inspection
  • Finishing and Packaging
  • Documentation

The merchandiser in the initial stage, before order receipt, must coordinate between Buyer and Sampling Department for various approvals.

Role of Merchandiser with Buying House

As Soon as one receives the Techpack, he/ she must check the feasibility of the product with other departments and make a report and also give a feasible quotation of the product.

As soon as the quote is intimated to the buyer, the price is then negotiated and the order is confirmed.

Now, a Purchase Order is received from the buyer which is sent to various departments.

In the process of sampling, merchandiser has to take many approvals on various accessories and trims from the buyer.

Once, the entire approving process is completed, the merchandise is produced and shipped to the buyer. Meanwhile, merchandiser keeps the track of the product and takes regular follow-up.

Once, shipping is done. Buyer comments on the merchandise are taken and accordingly work is carried out.

Role of Merchandiser with Sampling Department

Once, Techpack is received, its feasibility is confirmed and as per the requirements of the buyer, the samples are made.

Now the merchandiser takes the approval and comments (if any) and takes the required action. Merchandiser takes the approval of different types of a sample from proto to TOP sample.

In this stage, all the repairs and measurements as per the requirements of the buyer are taken and the final patterns are prepared.

The approval on fabrics and trims is also taken.

Role of Merchandiser with HR Department

He/ She must inform the Human resource department if there is any special requirement of manpower, storage units, local transport requirement, and local permits.

Role of Merchandiser with Production Department

After the order is Receipt, the merchandiser makes a time and action calendar with the help of planning and production department.

The comments on the sample along with the techpack and other style details are submitted to the production dept. HOD.

It is the duty of merchandiser to follow-up the patterns, fabric approved sample for bulk production and accessories and all of those should reach the designated factory in time.

The merchandiser coordinates daily with the production department on the progress of the order and clarifies doubts (if any).

After the order is completed, the merchandiser tallies as per inward/outward and what was consumed and what is left, is exactly as per planned.

In case of shortages and excess utilization or rejects they have to be justified in the validity report and balance goods are sent to the stores by the production department.

Role of Merchandiser with Industrial Engineering Department

For costing merchandiser need work content of a product and this work content is measured in terms of SAM (Standard allowed minute). SAM is a standard time to make one product. If work content is more time required to make the product will be more (SAM will be more) and cost will be high. So to do costing SAM is important. Industrial engineer calculates SAM for a product and gives to the merchandiser.

Role of Merchandiser with Pattern Making and CAD Department

The final quality of garment depends on the pattern quality so the pattern is the most important thing in the garment factory. Once tech pack is received pattern maker makes a pattern and gives to the CAD department. CAD department makes marker and calculates consumption per garment this consumption merchandiser takes for costing.

Role of Merchandiser with Quality Department

A merchandiser should be aware of the company quality standards along with the quality AOL limits given by each buyer.

He/ She must give instructions to this dept. regarding inspection and quality audits.

He/ She must take the follow-up in form of validity reports from the department.

Role of Merchandiser with Packing Department

Once the packing instructions are received from the buyer, the merchandiser must plan for effective space utilization.

A merchandiser instructs and co-ordinates with the packing department to pack the goods as per the style, ratio and carton quality and size, marking as per the details received from the buyer.

Role of Merchandiser with Commercial/Accounts Department

A garment merchandiser should provide a copy of the purchase orders raised against a particular buyer to the accounts department in order to coordinate with all departments, supply for excess, shortage or variance of price, etc. Bank transfers, L/C negotiation, allocation of funds are done by the accounts department.

Once the order is completed the documents as required by the buyer, are submitted to the buyer and payments are received.

Role of Merchandiser with Shipping Department

A merchandiser co-ordinates with the shipping department for vessel booking, transport, etc. and completion of documents required for shipping the order on completion of the order. All documents are submitted to the accounts department for realizing of funds from the buyer.

At the end of the order, the merchandiser will compare the actual and budgeted cost to contract profitability.

Lifecycle of Merchandiser in the Industry

Life cycle of Merchandiser

Life cycle of Merchandiser

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