Communication Skill: The Backbone of Merchandiser

Communication Skill

Whenever you will see a vacancy for a merchandiser, always a skill required is mentioned there. That skill is- good communication skill.

In this article, we will see why good communication is a must-have skill for merchandiser.

Meaning of good communication skill is “exchange of information or passing of information, ideas or thought from one person to the other. The right information must reach to the right person, at the right time through the right person.”

The right person who delivers all the information from one person to another person is a merchandiser in the apparel industry. If the wrong information is passed to any person will lead to a chance of error, this error may become a problem in order completion.

The success of any export house depends upon the performance of merchandiser, we know roles and responsibilities of merchandiser out of that prime purpose of a merchandiser is to ensure that delivery of the order is made in time with the best quality.

Merchandiser does a lot of activities and to turn all these activities into success a good communication skill plays an important role for merchandiser. Merchandiser uses a lot of tools in that also good communication plays an important role.

As we know a merchandiser is a key person between buyer and manufacturer so effective communication is a must-have skill with the merchandiser. Merchandiser needs to communicate with the different people involved in buying side and manufacturing side.

If a merchandiser has poor communication skill may lead to a lot of problem for the industry.

When a buyer wants to give an order, the information, queries, and details of export are an exchange between the buyer and merchandiser by communication process only. The same information or specific requirement is communicated with the manufacturing people.

Merchandiser communicate with different levels of people – This means information is passed to a lot of people from a lot of people and these people are:

  1. Existing buyers for the follow- up for orders which are in the running stage.
  2. New buyers for upcoming order or potential future business,
  3. Management people to give information and updates about running order and new upcoming orders
  4. The concerned departments like production, quality, industrial engineering, sourcing, shipping, etc. for the execution of the order,
  5. Suppliers for the procurement of raw material.
  6. Subordinates for giving proper instructions and guidance.
  7. Other people who are indirectly connected with orders like Third party inspection.

The chart explains the list of people with whom merchandiser communicate

Merchandiser Deals With

Merchandiser Deals With

Purpose of Good Communication by Merchandiser

1. Flow of Information

The relevant information must flow continuously from buyer to manufacturer and vice versa. The people associated with the product making at all levels must be kept informed about the buyer’s requirement and other developments taking place in the product.

2. Coordination

The coordination with all people is very important to complete order within time.

3. Preparing People to Accept Change

The proper and effective communication of a merchandiser is an important tool if any change is needed in upcoming order and to convey special requirement of buyer.

4. Developing Good Human Relations

Buyer and manufacturer and merchandiser exchange their ideas, thoughts and perceptions with each other through communication. This helps them to understand each other better. Buyer realizes the difficulties faced by manufacturer and manufacturer realises requirement from the buyer.


Communication thus helps understand people better. Good communication removes misunderstanding and creating clarity of thoughts and expression. The communication may be written or oral, formal, informal, and upward, downward, the good communication of merchandiser reduces the problem in all types. It bridges the gap between buyer’s requirement and manufacturer. So all above information shows that a good communication skill is a need for a merchandiser.

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