Merchandising Terminologies

Merchandiser works in merchandising department to buy and sell merchandise for an organization.

In this statement, 3 terminologies are used merchandiser, merchandising and merchandise. Let us understand these 3 terminologies.

Merchandising Terminologies

1. Merchandise

Merchandise means personal or commercial goods or commodities, bought and sold in retail or wholesale. Any product on which organization is working to buy, sell or to manufacture is known as merchandise.

2. Merchandiser

Merchandiser act as a bridge between the Buying house and the manufacturing unit. Actually, one’s main responsibility is to make and market the product.

A merchandiser is a person responsible to address the planning, production, promotion, and distribution of merchandise in the industry and meet the customer’s needs and demands.

Merchandiser is also known as merchant.

3. Merchandising

The word “MERCHANDISING” evolves from Merchandise (The Merchandise means the goods that are bought and sold in business). Hence merchandising is a process in which goods are purchased and sold at the agreed price, at the decided date with the right quality.

Merchandising function involves all activities linked with buying and selling of goods.


Let us take one example- suppose a factory is involved in making a shirt. Buyer has given an order of making 5000 Pieces.

Here many people will be involved in making that product. Here merchandise is shirt; merchandiser will be people who will deal with buyer and factory people to make merchandise as per buyer requirement. While making the product as per buyer requirement merchandiser will do a lot of activities and these activities are known as merchandising activities.

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