Bill of Material(BOM)

In any manufacturing industry bill of material is a complete list of parts, items, trims and other materials required to create one product with consumption.

In short, we can say BOM is a document which gives complete information like what all things are needed and how much they are needed to make one final packed product.

What is Bill of Material (BOM)?

  • It is the list of raw materials which is needed to source for making the garment.
  • It is a list containing all the components of the product like cost, quantity, etc.
  • BOM should be prepared and material should be sourced before starting of the production.
  • The BOM is prepared by the merchandiser according to the quantity of the production.
  • The BOM is approved by the factory owner or manager and the materials are purchased and stored timely before the production.
  • The BOM is made for the single garment.

Bill of Material (BOM) Includes

  1. Classification of the product
  2. Product description
  3. Product color
  4. Specification of raw material
  5. Consumption
  6. Units of measurement
  7. Supplier name
  8. Item code
  9. The total cost of the raw material

Importance of Bill of Material (BOM)

  • To determine to price and costing -The BOM consists of the total cost of the raw material of one single product due to which we can calculate the total material cost and it will help us to determine the profit margins and perfect cost for the product.
  • BOM gives total knowledge about the material required to make a product.
  • As every material is listed in the BOM there will be no missing components in manufacturing the product
  • Once the BOM is defined properly it can be used as a standard manufacturing process to ensure consistency and quality in every garment manufacturing.

Example of Bill of Material (BOM)

Bill of Material
Bill of Material

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